Noha 2021 | When I Think Of You Hussain | HASHIM SISTERS NEW NOHAY 2021 | Muharram 2021 / 1443

When I think of you Hussain as when I think of Karbala
When I think of you Hussain as when I think of Karbala
My heart heavy with grief, my mind with disbelief,
Such torture and such pain, Not once did you complain,
When I see injustice, I fall to your service
Our Prophet Mohammad S,
We live by what he said
You from Him, Him from You,
This is your value,
In our hearts embedded,
Oh son of Mohammad S
Your 6-month-old baby, In front of the army,
He smiled and stayed calm, cradled in your warm arms
When I see cold water
My heart cries for Asghar
Sakina your daughter,
Lost uncles and brothers,
Trapped alone, beaten, bruised,
But your name she kept raised,
She was patient and brave
Your mission she did save
Of devotion I hear, and of having no fear
Comes to mind instantly
Faith’s true epitome
Obedience I learn
To Abbas when I turn
Hashimi sisters wish, Karbala we visit
Purify our hearts and
Our forehead on your land
Hussain (as) please call us near
This distance we cannot bear



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