Zaynab you’ll see me fall off my horse

onto the burning sand You’ll run

out from the tents to help me and give me

your hand In front of your eyes they will drag

me across the battlefield But you will still try

your best to come and be for me a shield Zaynab

you will witness me being tortured and slain Zaynab

this will hurt you more than a thousand chains

I know you’ve already seen the death of Abbas

your brother Losing him was for you as painful

as when it was mother I know it’s not easy to lose

the army’s protector When he was the guardian of the veil

that you wear with honour Zaynab it will be snatched off your

head with a spear Zaynab I know

that this is the only thing you’ll fear

The grief of losing all your sons Zaynab

I know is great But they have entered heaven

and have met their good fate I know you do not

mourn for your sons, this is your good trait

But I know you cannot bear to see Sajjad in this

state Zaynab they’ll pull him off his bed, and unconscious

he’ll be Upon your shoulders with him you’ll run from the enemy

Chorus You’ll stand up and address a crowd full

of such low men This thought is killing me and I can’t,

even imagine at that point to the grave of Rasoolallah what

will happen As they raise their hands at you and noone,

will protect you then Zaynab if you think seeing me go

is difficult for you I promise what you’ll go through

later will torture me too Chorus Your arms will be tied

behind your head and blisters on your feet For days

and days you will walk not once will you stop for a seat

And when the doors of the palace of Shaam you will then

meet After waiting for hours with boiling water people

will greet Zaynab then my body will, shake and tremble

thinking Zaynab of your heart and how with Shame itll be

sinking Chorus There is no way for us to recall the time

of departure For a moment just think of your own brother

or sister Knowing that now in their fate is only pain

and such torture Would you be able to let go of their

hand forever Zaynab and Husayn’s strong bond

was from their childhood ‘By the Hashim sisters Their courage cant be understood’


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