MERE GHAREEB HUSSAIN – SHAHID BALTISTANI – Nohay 2018 – New Noha 2018-19 – Nohay 2019

Ya Hussain Sha Hussain
O Hussain, the king Hussain
Haey Ghareeb Haey Hussain as
Alas! The estranged Hussain
Aey Mere Ghareeb Hussain as
O you, my estranged Hussain
Band’day Kafan Ko Tor Kay
Breaking the knot of the shroud
Aai Hay Phir Say Maa’n
Yet again the mother has arrived
Maathay May Teer Pahlun May
Peywast Berchiyan
Aur Qalb May Sina,
Arrow in the forehead, darts pierced into the back and a Lance gashing the heart
Marham Lagaey Gi Teri
Madar Kahan Kahan
Onto how many bruises you mother must put the ointment
Baahen Galay May Daal Lo Himmat Zara Karo
Aey Laal Ghar Chalo,
Wrap your hands around me, gather some courage, O my beloved let’s go home
In Phattron Kay Dhair May
Tum Chup Gaey Kahan
Under the heap of these stones where have you disappeared
Rakh Dungi Haath Gardan-O-Khanjar K Darmiya’n
I will place my hand between your neck and the dagger
Waada Hay Meri Jaan,
Ghazi Ki Tarhan Dasht May
Qurban Hogi Maa’n
It is my promise O my beloved
Like Ghazi in the wilderness
Your mother will sacrifice
Karyal Jawa’n Ki Laash Pay Tera Tha Emtehan
It was your trial at the corpse of a juvenile
Taiyar Ab Hay Maa’n,
And now your mother is ready
Beta Main Tere Seene Say
Khencho’ngi Khud Sinaa
Oh my Son, I will pull the lance from your chest
Mohsin Kay Bad Say Meri Jese Jhuki Kamar
After the ‘tragedy’ of Mohsen the way My back is hunched
Tujh Ko To Hay Khabar,
As you know very well
Aese Hay Baad Ghazi Kay
Teri Kamar Kamaa’n
your back is arched too after the loss of Ghazi
Betay K Sath Dasht May Madar Ka Khoon Bahaey, Kahdo Ye Shimmer Say,
In the wilderness, the blood of the mother will be spilled along with her son, Announce it to Shimr (LA)
Garden Pay Pahly Wo Karay
Khanjar Mere Rawaa’n
To first draw the dagger to my throat
Amma Hata Lo Haath Takallum Thi Ye Sada Katnay Do Ab Gala,
Takallum, it was exclaimed “O my mother remove your hand, let the throat to be severed
Her Zarb Par Ye Kahti Thi
The mother whose ribs were crushed weeped on every strike (on her son)


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