Nohay 2019 I Hashim Sisters | Peace Be Upon Hussain | New Noha 2019 Imam Hussain | Muharram 1441


Salaam Salaam Salaam Ya Hussain (as)

Son of Mohammad, Allah’s messenger Son of Ali

and of Fatima Assalaam u alayka Abaa Abdillah Peace be upon,

you oh Hussain We are with you, forever Hussain

1) No mercy from Allah, upon your killers And upon all

of their helpers Silmun liman saalamakum Harbun liman

haarabakum We love those,

who love you We are with you, forever Hussain

2) We seek nearness, to you oh Allah

We seek nearness to you Mohammad Near to Ali and Fatima

In this world and, the hereafter Keep us close, to you Master

We are with you, forever Hussain

3) As long as we are, alive in this world,

As long as there is night and day Assalam o Alal Hussain

Wa Ala Ali Ibne Hussain Wa Ala

Awlaad Al Hussain Wa Ala Ashaab Al Hussain We’ll send salaams to,

you Oh Master To your sons and your companions Let us visit

you again and again We are with you, forever Hussain

4) Keep us firm on, your Holy path And keep us

strong in our faith AllahummarZuqniShafaatalHussain

Grant us Imam Hussain’s intercession

On the day, of judgement We are with you,

forever Hussain

5) Allahumajjal, Mahyaaya Mahya Mohammad wa,

aaaaaali Mohammad Make us live our lives the same way

As Muhammad and his family We will remain, loyal to

you We are with you, forever Hussain Peace be on you,

O Aba Abdullah! Peace be on you, O son of RasoolAllah (saw)!

Peace be on you, O the select, surpassing, chosen in preference

over all goodness of Allah, and son of Allah’s (such) goodness.

Peace be on you, O Son of Ameerul Momineen (asws),

and Son of the Master of the successors! Peace be on you,

O son of Fatima (sa), Syedatul Nisa al Alameen!

Peace be on you, who was martyred while fighting

heroically in the cause of Allah, the son of Allah’s

fearless warrior, you were isolated and had been attacked

with a vengeance! Peace be on you and on those souls who accompanied You in Your journey.

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