Husayn Your sacrifice has become our way of life x2

We have learnt so many lessons from your tragedy

And from all those who were part of your

great story If for a moment someone was to stop

and see Theres not doubt they would say,

like Yours there is no day Chorus x2

In history a man like You we cannot find

You left for Karbala, leaving everything behind

Protecting the right path is all you had in your mind

So by the truth we’ll stand, with your flag in our hands Chorus x2

There were also young, children present with You

When the time came young, Qasim knew what to do

He says any outcome is, sweet if your

cause is true We’ll raise children

this way, they’ll fight for You one day Chorus x2

Not once did their decision your companions

doubt Even though the result, they surely knew

about You gave them the chance to, save their

lives and bail out We will not fear death,

if we are on the right path Chorus x2

When we think about, AAbbas your dear brother

Not once did he call you, anything but master

So loyal to Zaynab to you Husayn and your daughter

Abbas’ life we’ll observe, and our master we will serve Chorus x2

When thinking of Sajjad with sadness our hearts are

filled He was strong and brave, on the battlefield

was skilled He had to watch all his,

family members be killed Sajjad’s patience teaches us,

in Allah we must trust Chorus x2

Your daughter Sakina, her thirst was not Quenched

When her uncle returned, in blood he was Drenched

How will I now help my brooother

she questioned We will think about others,

and put their needs first Chorus x2

After losing everything Zainab still stood strong

She showed all of us, the path of right and wrong

Close to her and her loved one is where

we belong Hashimi sisters will this wish of hers fulfil Chorus x2

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